Saturday, June 18, 2011

My first 41 Hours

I'm so excited to be home!

Well, here I am! In my new home, getting used to my new family and all the rooms, and trying to find a way to play with the giant puppy that's already here. Oh, I should say that this is Rozi, and you'd know that if I wrote this with a pencil, since I have much smaller handwriting than Izzi does. So, as I was saying....I'm here!

I thought that I'd give all of you (both of you?) my thoughts as I settle into this new life. And, as I'm sure you'd expect, I'll toss in a few photos of my first days, too.

My new life began on the evening of June 16, 2011, when I was brought to the Holliston Animal Hospital. Oh, no, don't worry; I'm doing great. Better than great, actually. I was there because it was my final check-up before I headed out to my new home. I suppose that you could say it was similar to taking a physical before being allowed to play for the Red Sox, but - then again - you'd have to understand baseball, so let's (for now) pass on that comparison.

The doctor at the hospital was very nice, and I was happy that he had such warm hands. I got weighed and I'm happy to tell you that I haven't lost my girlish figure...I'm 2 pounds, 4 ounces. Of course, if I got all my  shaved off, I'd be more like 1 pound!

Later, the doctor put some stuff in and around me, making sure that I was in good shape. I didn't mind it (mostly), but I didn't like when he was cleaning my ears. I liked it okay at first, then not so much, then I started to tell him to stop, but I guess he doesn't speak Maltese. Or, at least, my dialect of it. I forgot to say that my mama was there to see me off. I was a little bit sad that she was leaving me, but I think it was time. I don't think she liked the music that I played in our house or the boys that I was hanging out with, so I think she thought "it was time". Anyway, I hope she was proud of what a good girl I was during the poking and sticking and all that. And, I got not just one but TWO shots into my little body. Ouch! I hope that I don't have to do that hurt and I winced (as much as a puppy can). With a clean bill of health, I was off to my new home.

I got to sit on my new mama's lap the whole way, and that made me feel warm and cozy. I have been in cars before, but this was the first time in this one, and I did great (she said). Before I knew it, I was at this purple house and I was meeting the rest of my new family (who I'd met during my little visits, but this was the 'real thing').

My new "sister" (and I'll probably just call her sister [without the quotes] from now on, because {1} she's sort of my sister by blood lines and {2} we're two girls who live together under the same roof so that's what I'll do and plus it's hard for this guy who's writing everything down to know when I mean to use a quote and when I don't...not to bright if you ask me, but it's his computer, so....) was there waiting for me and I don't think they told her that I was coming (yet). I was so excited to see someone who was like me, but she wasn't as playful as my real sister was. I hope that we'll be able to play together really soon.


I met Miriam (again), who showed me to a friend from her computer. I'd never been broadcast before, and it was a pretty exciting experience for me. Then, later, Evan came home (he had Lynn and Kiley with him, and they wanted to see me, too), and - well - I was so tired from meeting so many people. But, I was also hungry and it was great that I got to have my first meal in my new home on a beautiful plate filled with my favorite food: chicken, dog food, kibble and a secret ingredient, that I don't know what it was but I LOVED it.

There was more play time with Izzi, and then it was off to bed for us. I wasn't sure where I'd sleep, since I'd never been in the bedroom here. Would it be like home with dozens of other puppies squeezed together with their mamas? Would it be like the awful pet stores that I heard about, that put all the puppies in their own rooms made out of wire? I didn't know.

Well, I can't tell you how excited I was that I got to sleep in the bed with my new mama and sister! I was so warm and cozy all night. Izzi and I did have a - um - run-in in the middle of the night after we'd started to play with each other. I think that I tried to kiss my new mama while Izzi was kissing her, and I guess that's something that she (Izzi) and I will just have to work out. But, the night went by fast and in the morning, I was excited to do more exploring around my new house.

I found that there's something that everyone sits on that I can squeeze under, and I like that. I also have a beautiful bed to sleep on when I want to. Here's a picture of Izzi and me on the bed:

Izzi & Rozi in Bed Jun 16 2011

But, I also have floors to sleep on when I want more support. Here's Izzi showing me how to do that:


I went outside a lot over the last couple of days and I have to say: I love it! There are so many smells and so many things to play with out there: grass, leaves, bugs. Izzi tried to catch a squirrel today, but they are really fast. Maybe some day I will be fast enough to catch one. Although I don't know what I'd do with it...

I found many places to sleep around here, and many people to sleep on/next to. It's more than I could have imagined when I first met my new mama when I was only 4 weeks old. This is great!

I think that everyone in this house is great, and I think they all like me (which is wonderful). They don't understand me sometimes, though, when I make a noise like a choked crow. It just means, "Hey! Two legged people! I'm here and you're not paying enough attention to me!" Like I said, some people just don't understand my dialect.

Rozi with bowls

Then, another good night for sleeping, then - this morning - I went on a field trip that was sort of far away and I didn't like the ride in the car too much. I think we drove for about 100 years, but I heard talking that it was 20 minutes. What do I know? I'm a puppy without a wristwatch.

Then, home and now sister and I are learning to play better together. I like chasing her around the house, and I like hiding from her under the thing that everyone sits on (which I heard someone call a couch, and someone else call a sofa, and someone else call a fnurl) and then popping out when no one expects it. I'll try to get a photographer over soon so that you can see this.

And, that's my first 41 hours. I'm off to visit some other new friends, but I'm having a blast and I love my new home and my new family.

Yippity Yip Yip,


Monday, May 30, 2011

My first entry. By Rozi.

Greetings, my friends. I'm putting together this, my first blog post, from a distance away from my new home, but I wanted to say "hello" and let you know a little about me and about why I'm excited to be getting close to my first day at my new home.

First, you probably already know that my name is Rozi, and that I have a sister (Abby) and that we live with lots of other puppies and our moms. My mom's name is Audrey Rose, but I wasn't named after her; I was named "Rozi" because my new family thought it sounded good with Izzi, who is already living there. Now, Izzi is my cousin..and my half-sister! Isn't that amazing? That one puppy can be another puppy's cousin and sister? And, there's a chance that I'm her grandmother, or that she's my great auntie, but we'll let figure that out. See, my mom and Izzi's mom are sisters, so since our mothers are sisters, we're cousins. But, much like the British monarchy and the Bush family, there's - um - a bit of inbreeding in our group: my father and Izzi's father are the same! Yup, so that makes Izzi and me half-sisters. See why it gets so confusing? But, that's really not important, since we (that is, Izzi and I) are both cute and white and we will probably look a lot like sisters when I'm bigger.

Which is the main point of writing this today, many days before I get to live with my half-sister/cousin and my new family: I want to tell you a little about me and what I'm excited about.

So, you know that I come from a small litter, but I can't tell you if I'm older than my sister or if my sister is older than I am. I do know that we look alike, except that my nose started to get darker before hers did. Of course, now she also has a dark nose, so only someone who saw us when we were little little puppies would know about that. And, we're about the same size, my sister and I. We both like to play, and we like to fight with each other.

Last weekend, when I was on a visit to my new home, my sister and another relative (please don't ask me to draw the family tree; I'm little and that would be exhausting) named Tinkerbell (or "Tink") came for a visit. We three girls were excited about going for a ride without our mothers...kind of a girl's day out! When we got to my new home, there were lots of people who wanted to talk to us and play with us, and there was also Izzi, who is a very big puppy (but smaller than my mom). We three little puppies ran around a lot. Abby jumped on Izzi from behind once, and if I had vocal chords, I would have laughed and laughed. 

Then, another time, I decided that I was tired of playing with a little yellow ball that someone gave me, so I attacked my sister, just like we do when we're playing at our home. She and I wrestle a lot; some times I jump on her and some times she jumps on me. But, we don't really hurt each other (even though we do make a lot of noise!). While we were playing and wrestling, big sister (that's how I think of her) Izzi was running around with Tink, and as all of us know, Tink is a curious little puppy, so Izzi was doing a lot of chasing and being chased. I heard that Tink not only ran into another room, but that she looked out the big gigantic windows near the wood floor that was on the outside of the house. She's a real character, that Tink!

Soon, it was time for us to go, but not before we had thousands and millions of pictures taken of us. Some of them are on other web sites and a few of them are right after these words. Thanks to my new friend/sibling Ben for taking such fun pictures...

Izzi gets to know me better
Playing with my new big sister
I've got the ball! I've got the ball!
Wandering around...

We really had a fun day but we were all tired so it was good to get back in our carrier and head to our soon-to-be-former home.

Now, I promised you that I'd tell you about what it was that I'm looking forward to when I get to my new home.

1) Play with Izzi. She seems like she will be a fun playmate and I know that I will be running around a lot with her. I hope I can keep up with her (I heard she's pretty fast in the back yard).

2) Learn all about how to behave from Izzi. Like, how late in the morning should I wait until I start licking everyone's face to wake them up? I don't even know how to read a clock yet, so I'm hoping that Izzi will show me.

3) Eat delicious food. I love the food I get at my home, but when I was at my new home, I could smell some wonderful food smells. I think I smelled roast beef and turkey, but since I've never had either one, I could be wrong.

4) Be with my new family. They all seem really great, and I can't wait to play with them and be their friend. I'm lucky that I have big sister Izzi

So, as I said earlier, I'm really excited that I'll soon be with my new family. I'm not sure exactly when that will be, but I know that my sister and the cousin/half-siblings/whatever that I live with will be moving this month, and I hope I will be too.

I wonder if I'll get a pretty bed.  I wonder if I'll get my own dish. I wonder if I will get to go shopping like me big sister Izzi does. I wonder about so much, but I'm just excited to be with my new family.

Yippity, Yip, Yip, Yip